Product photography for Amaizin’s web and social networks, focusing on gastronomic e-commerce

Online sales have become the boom of recent years. Although the fashion industry was the first to promote e-commerce, the food industry has also conquered this niche market. In this context, besides our project for Crownhill Shoes, we would like to highlight the photo shooting for Amaizin, a spanish brand of snacks made of corn.


Product Photography
E-commerce Photography

What you don’t show, it cannot be bought or sold!

To sell you also have to show a careful aesthetics that speaks of the brand. For that reason, we analyzed what kind of images and visual codes we could identify the qualities of Amaizin Crispies with. Then we defined the art direction for each photography. A rural aesthetic that combined with different textures (wood, linen and esparto) helped to create the propitious environment where the product looked more amazing and appetizing. In each photograph we highlight the versatility of fine arepas. Although it is a typical Venezuelan product, we place them into a spanish context to connect with their specific audience. With different shots we showed how the corn cakes look, their features, ingredients and also some ways to eat them.


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