Tune up your creativity with these unconventional techniques!

The fitness fever continues! After the perfect abs and iron glutes … The brain challenge begins. Brain Attack is here to stay and wake up our neurons. We salute the future jocks of creativity!

But make no mistake,exercising originality requires time and patience, like any other sport. Of course, in this training, get bored is prohibited! Forget the excuses for not going to the gym and get ready for the initiation in the art of thinking differently.

And it is that sessions to foster creativity focus on running away from logical thinking: training the brain to be unpredictable. Today we will tell you how to do it in unconventional ways to finally compete in the creativity Olympic games. Ready, Set, Go!

The ancient technique of sticky notes

Many times deciding you lose the essence of chance. At Låpsüs we are big fans of the unexpected so, long time ago we started using a subjective way of choosing and associating ideas . How? Inviting the God Post it.

Of course, a lifetime resource! Writing words down on sticky notes and choosing one or more randomly. This faithful helper during creation rituals is only invoked after doing a good research and choosing the subject, but it helps us to get away from our prejudices.

As a free technique, we can use it in as many ways as we want. No rules. If we look for a divergent process, we could write down in these papers everything we can think of, and then exchange them and write new ideas related to what we are reading.

If, on the other hand, we need a way to converge, we could establish an association of concepts resulting from matching these sticky notes by chance. Your imagination will be the only limit to invent the rules and decide what to do with the results.

Reading a book blindfolded

Starting from the unknown to create is facing doing from the unexpected and connecting with our “hidden ideas”. And literature, as an inexhaustible source of inspiration can be that starting point for new concepts.

To find our anonymous book, we will introduce ourselves inside a bookstore, we will walk through its corridors blindly, and when our instincts send us the signal; We will choose some anonymous work without looking at. So we’ll open it anywhere and point to a random excerpt.

It can be a word, a phrase or a paragraph, depending on what we enjoy the most. We can even combine several different pieces of books. Whatever we choose, we will be facing a new challenge and we do not know where it will take us. Therefore, do not judge what you got, let yourself go!

Feel through music

If literature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, music is an ocean that mixes poetry and sound to connect with all our senses. To resort to it is to seek and listen to what it raises within us to start new paths.

From choosing a song, a band or a genre, until focusing our attention on stanzas or melodies … There are no pre-established ways or ideas. Maybe you want to connect sounds with feelings, put colors to a certain music or invent a code with which you choose the second word of each line.

Explore your own musical adventure and where it takes you, with the only premise of never judging before you hit the road!

Our mind tends to speak from rational thought formulating ideas and concepts in a logical sequence. Music, literature or chance are just some means to train the brain to think from a different place, and also train itself to associate disparate concepts of each other.  Enjoy the training and don’t stop creating!

Annie Domínguez Tenreiro

Creative & Art Direction

I love chestnuts and hate anything stinging, cutting and puncturing! As a child, I wanted to be a unicorn horsewoman and my worst mischied was to secretly use the Super Nintendo when I was punished. I play at being a Wordjuggler and I have declared war on tangerine pipes. I’m a little nerdy!


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