creating a creative explosion in each photograph


connecting with your customer´s subconscious

Be unique

showing the brand story and values ​​that make you different

Visual storytelling is our strategic tool to tell stories around your product, simplifying complex messages through photography and video to excite your customer

I see it, I share it

The times that visual content is shared more than any other

I see it, I remember it

We remember 80% of what we see, 20% of what we read and 10% of what we hear

I see it, I understand it

Visual messages are processed 60,000 times faster than written ones

Discover our latest photographs and short form videos

Discover our latest photographs and short form videos

The unique method of creating strategic visual content based on the fusion of marketing and photography, designed for authentic brands seeking maximum impact

What can we do for you?


Ideation, visual storytelling and creative sketching


Conceptual photographs & Short form videos for authentic products


Artistic direction, set design, craft and props


Visual design and content strategy for Instagram

What clients say about us!

It was a pleasure working with Låpsüs – they are fun, enthusiastic and very professional. They maintain good communication and they are flexible, which makes the whole process enjoyable and easy. They perfectly understood the identity of the brand, what we wanted to communicate and they stayed true to our visual tone.”


Cofounder & Marketing

“Always on time, always better, always with a smile. Working with them is a pleasure and always a way to improve your communication


Content Manager

Passionate about what they do, proactive, intuitive, tremendously creative and they always maintain a super close relationship that facilitates fluidity when working. It was a pleasure working together. If you are looking to reinforce or improve the brand image, I recommend Låpsüs 100%


Marketing Director

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Amodio Dual - Annie Domínguez & Mary Urrutia - Autorretrato Låpsüs

Behind Låpsüs

We are Annie Domínguez and Mary Urrutia, two creative minds united by a genius we carry within: our INgenuity. Together we are Låpsüs, a strategic visual content creation boutique from Madrid, to the world. We want to help you hypnotize your customers at first sight…Let’s talk!

From what everyone sees, we think what nobody thought!

Let’s talk!

If you want to create the maximum impact with your brand visual communication, tell us more about your project to assess if we can help you with our Låpsüs Method.

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