Design of photographic infographics for the citizen awareness campaign of Valladolid Recicla


Valladolid recicla is a Valladolid City Council´s initiative addressed to inform and raise awareness among the citizens of this town, on issues related to sustainability and recycling. Within the framework of its informative campaign, the institution wanted to have a series of disruptive infographics that would grab citizens attention, thanks to the visual storytelling of Låpsüs printed on the photographic infographics.
Visual Storytelling
Art Direction

Evoluciona Agency
Graphic Design: Evoluciona


Based on the information shared by the Valladolid City Council and the marketing agency, we immersed ourselves in the world of recycling. Starting from getting to know the clean points locations through the city,  to understanding the importance of using each recycling container properly, as well as getting deeper into concepts such as the circular economy.

Once the research was done, we synthesized the ideas, prioritized the information and conceptualized each piece, through analogies inspired by everyday life.

Through a fanciful narrative and a naive visual language, we made five photographs with an infographic approach that stand out for their originality and their visual storytelling.

“Find your point”: fixed and mobile clean points locations in Valladolid

We built a three-dimensional model of  Valladolid´s map to locate the clean points of the city. We recreated the districts with different paper textures along the map, and placed it over a cork silhouette. Then, we identified the fixed clean points with little houses and mobile points with small trucks.

“A second chance”: the circular economy for technology recycling

In this creative piece we illustrated the clean point as a magical house that receives waste to give it a second life. Through the animated infographic, we highlighted and explained the whole process and treatment of the mobile phone waste and how the circular economy works with this example..

Hence, the citizen discovers that by taking his old phone to any clean point in Valladolid, not only is the toxic waste treated, but the rest of the elements are separated and transformed to build a new phone

“Each type of waste in its place”: a visual guide to recycling in the city

In these knolling-style graphic compositions, we played with recognizable elements from each category  to highlight the color code of each container. Through the association of colors and waste, citizens will be able to quickly identify how to separate each type of waste in its respective container.

One person counts! Infographic design to communicate the benefits of recycling

With the fact that a single person decides to join recycling, they are helping to grow a magical tree of benefits for the community. Along the branches of the plant, the symbols of each benefit are shown, but only when reaching the end of the image is it discovered that a single person is enough to feed its growth by watering this plant.

Recycling highways: the type of waste that must be taken to the recycling point

To remember how to separate the different types of waste, we thought of the recycling matrix as a center where the conveyor walkways arrive with the different types of waste, giving a second life. Inspired by scalextric, we designed a circuit of roads that carry elements made of papercraft. Besides that, we represented each of the eight categories with a real object.

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