Design of photographic infographics in the series of recipes Sweetduction, the funniest sweet snacks!


Sweetduction is a personal and infographic photography project made up of fun images inspired by the hydraulic pipe systems of the industrial world. In the series, created through photo composition, pipes are the common thread that drives the ingredients to carry out these sweet recipes.

The series, whose title plays with the words “sweet” and “conduction” that sounds like “seduction”, proposes different ideas of sugary snacks to taste through the still life.

Each recipe invites us to see cooking from a surrealistic rather than academic perspective; imagination and fantasy break with physical and chemical laws, making culinary processes possible at record time.

Melt, whisk, drip or sprinkle are just some of the verbs that emerge from these photographs full of movement that seduce the viewer with their succulent and mouth water visual language.

Personal Project

Flame the Choc: the magic factory of chocolate

We teach you how to eat churros with hot chocolate in a fun and extraordinary way as an infographic photography.

1 Dark chocolate bar
1 Flame with a lot of sparks
1 Jacuzzi breakfast cup

1 Wall of white sugar bricks
1 Family of curly churros
2 Cups of Creativity 

Keep the flame alive to melt a big piece of chocolate while the flying churro takes a hot bath in the chocolaty jacuzzi. Suck the white wall of sugar and sprinkle your dessert with a strong and sweet blizzard.


Making of Flame the Choc

Wow, Full of Caramel: a jugglery waffle

Prepare a salted caramel waffle with raspberries in an original way with a playful appearance made from infographic photography.

1 Hovering waffle
5 Toffee bricks
250 gr of flaky salt

1 Caramel Fudge freefall
3 Jugglers raspberries
4 Ounces of Imagination

Impulse a playful balance while pipes get the most of a piece of toffee. Chop up the toffee bricks into caramel stones and absorb them. After the caramel melts, wait for the “fudging” freefall drops luscious over the floating waffle.  Activate the jet propulsion of flaky salt with joy and let the playful tubes spit out the raspberries on top.  Enjoy this “swalty” recipe full of jugglery.


Making of Wow, Full of Caramel

A Berryful Delight: the most delicious strawberry milkshake

We teach you how to prepare a strawberry milkshake with a crazy and surreal approach that will make your mouth water with this infographic photography.

1 Blender blade
250 gr of strawberries
1 Milky fruity ice cube

1 Striped straw
1 Milkshake glass
3 Cups of Joy

Do not panic! This is not a berry violent scene. Tickle the strawberry with the blender blade until it cries with laughter. Collect these tears of joy and drive them through the pipes. If there is a bit of pulp, much better. Defrost one of those delicious strawberry milk cubes and fill the glass with the mix of both liquids. Voilá! a delicious strawberry milkshake that you can decorate with a swirl splash and a striped straw.

Making of Berryful Delight

Conducción de chocolate a la taza - Fotografía conceptual para minería - Condukmin
Conducción de chocolate a la taza - Fotografía conceptual para minería - Condukmin
Conducción de chocolate a la taza - Fotografía conceptual para minería - Condukmin

Nuts about Peanuts: an unforgettable childhood sandwich

We portray an unconventional way to eat the classic American peanut butter and jelly sandwich trough infographic photography.

2 Slices of bread
300 gr of blueberries
1 kg of peanuts

1 Butter knife
1 Small jar
⅓ Cup of gravity

To be good at “bread” you just have to peel the peanuts and chop them. Wait until the long vacuum tube processes them all and pour the butter on the top of one of the hovering bread slices. Then, smash some blueberries and put them in a jar. With a jelly gun-pipe, fire it off until the other slice gets enough jam. Finally, spread the mix with love and enjoy this sweet marriage! 

Making of Nuts about Peanuts

Conducción de chocolate a la taza - Fotografía conceptual para minería - Condukmin

Pistachio Coolkie: pistachio macaron in pure Parisian style

Learn how to cook a pistachio macaron with this vibrant and fanciful infographic recipe.

200 gr of pistachios
1 Coolkie sandwich
1 Whipped cream tongue

1 Disheveled whisk
1 Pastry nozzle
¼ Cup of Desire

There is no “dough” about the sexy taste of macaron. Peel off a bunch of pistachios, put them inside the crushing tube and do not piss off with its nut sound! Meanwhile, shake the whisk and suck the cream inside the pipes until it mixes with dry fruits, resulting in a green cream. Spice things up with a whipped cream tongue full of desire and sweetness. This bold pastry nozzle is ready to kiss this delicious “coolkie” sandwich on its craving lips.

Making of Pistachio Coolkies

Do Nut Judge The Oreo: a delicious trial

Discover how to prepare an Oreo donut – guilty of various capricious sinswith an imaginative approach.

1 Unfair hammer
1 Tower of Oreos
200 gr of cookie dust

Oreo cream filling
A Pinch of justice
5 Cups of Strength

When it comes to handing out sweets, it never will be fair enough. Shake the hammer of injustice and tap the lonely Oreo until it pulverizes homogeneously over the frosting coated donut. Meanwhile, absorb the creamy goodness from the split cookie and drive the white lava to erupt under the sweet dough of happiness.  

Making of Do Nut Judge The Oreo

Conducción de chocolate a la taza - Fotografía conceptual para minería - Condukmin
Conducción de chocolate a la taza - Fotografía conceptual para minería - Condukmin

Catch The Charms: a catapult sweet snack

Learn the funniest way to eat cereals with milk with this infographic photography that will turn your sugary snack into a colorful explosion. 

1 Spoon catapult
250 gr of colored powder
1 Box of cereals and charms

2 L of milk
1 Tilted bowl 
2 Cups of Luck and Magic


Fill yourself with optimism while the magic drizzle of colorful powder comes down. Pull the “cataspoon” and impulse the lucky charms through the air. Wait until the wind blows right and leads a handful of cereal to the swinging bowl. Soak your meal with a wavy slide full of milk and return to childhood in a mighty splash! 

Making of Catch the Charms

Conducción de chocolate a la taza - Fotografía conceptual para minería - Condukmin

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