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Låpsüs launches Taipō, the charitable typography shop that was born to help those who need it most from photography

With the intention of putting the means of the Låpsüs’ photographic studio at the service of those who need it the most, we launch our online store: Taipō; a charitable initiative created from typographic design and creative photography. With this first collection –Héroes– the shop starts selling solidarity stationery with original postcards, profits of which will go to non-profit organizations.

Taipō came out during the 2020 health crisis, when the founders of the photo studio, Annie Dominguez and Mary Urrutia, wondered what the world would be like if generosity were the virus that spread instead of Covid-19. And above all, how could they, from their profession, participate in a chain of contagious solidarity.

Thus, during 2020, we began to develop the first typographic design collection inspired by Heroes of the Pandemic: a tribute to those flesh and blood people whose professions forced them to be on the front line against an invisible threat that claimed lives in its wake.

Design of the Heroes collection of twelve solidarity postcards for twelve professional sectors of Taipō

Taipō launching takes place within the framework of the second anniversary of lockdown with the premiere of Heroes collection, made up of 12 solidarity postcards. Each postcard represents an “H”  that stands for a hero or heroine, aimed at thanking and honoring the most exposed professionals during the health crisis.

With this project, Annie Dominguez and Mary Urrutia seek to spread the spirit of generosity, empathy and solidarity around their community; and encourage people to show their gratitude to those who wish it with a few words of their own handwriting while naming them heroes.

At Taipō, we do not want to ignore other global social issues that concern society, such as the Ukraine crisis, cancer or inequalities. That is why we will design new creative proposals to support charitable causes and generate social awareness through its online shop

Because you also have a caring heart, we welcome you to Taipō, where every person counts. Make a difference by getting on the generosity train!

Buy the  complete collection or each hero in packs of 6 or 12 postcards and participate in this chain of thanks by sending them with a message in your own handwriting. 

If you want to know all the details about the Heroes project, we invite you to discover how it was made here

And if you want us to work together, do not hesitate to contact us


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