The new way of seeing hydraulic tubing and pipes: creativity and photography for Construtec Christmas


Construteccompany in charge of the supply of pipes and hydraulic engineering requires a creative development for their annual Christmas greeting. Achieve a cool photograph that stands out for having its own style, impact within the sector and be remembered for their clients are the main objectives of this project.

Advertising Photography
Graphic Design


Giving a daring step with us and breaking of conventions, the signature gives us freedom to make different proposals. Without losing sight of the typical motifs of this dates, we investigated various concepts that could be adapted to water supply from another prism. Thus, we transformed the Construtec pipes into a wine and champagne channels that run through different snack and sweets stations at Christmas dinners.

An imaginary world created with papercraft, surrounds the curious circuit of straws, showing winter landscapes on one side and pinnacles and gifts on the other. These ingenious photographs highlight the values of the brand and stand out from the usual communication calling the attention of all their recipients.

Creative Development 2018

Creative Development 2017

Sharing the christmas card on printed media

Sharing the christmas card on digital media

How we built hydraulic tubing and pipes

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