Everything is a lie! Imagination as the only limit when it comes to create original trompe l’oeils

After the first released of the EME Magazine, in which we participated with a series of editorial photographs for the article “The Doctrine of the Squeezer”, a second issue of it came. For this new edition of March 2018, once again dedicated exclusively to DESIGN and trends, we erased the limits of reality and launched ourselves into the game of deception with design objects.

When this happens, the world around us takes unexpected forms! Thus, a speaker is able to navigate the space surrounded by planets and popcorn meteorites. Sunglasses can transport people through clouds of colors; and an oil container can be the protagonist of a great party, becoming the perfect balloon pump.

A lot of paint, paper cuts and a large dose of creativity were the resources to question the function of  real objects. This serie of seven naives images that speaks about surrealism in a subtle way is an invitation to think free of prejudice and make up new stories according to each viewer, what will yours?

Unidad Editorial

Editorial Photography

Photographic illusions

Space speaker “BeoSound” Bang&Olufsen’s

Aerostatic sunglasses made of wood and gold leaf Nina Mür’s & Lamp “Cestita” by Santa & Cole

Two-tone marine Shoe by Diplomatic Brand & Anti-drip Oil container pump designed by Rafael Marquina

Hot Watch “Fox the dog” Swatch’s & Flower plate by la Cartuja de Sevilla

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