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How to boost your content strategy through visual storytelling

In our first blog entry about visual marketing we talked about what visual content is and how to add value in each post. If you haven’t read it, I recommend you do it before continuing with this second part! Now that you know, let’s see how to boost your brand’s content strategy through visual storytelling while creating content.

Using visual storytelling you will enhance your brand’s content strategy

A content strategy by and for our user

All content strategy begins with a holistic approach to a brand from the digital marketing strategy that will guide its communication in the social environment. Before we start thinking about what content lines will follow each channel, we must establish the objectives of communication on social media; the brand mission –why a user will follow it–, who is its social persona and how is its personality.

The development of a content strategy works to decide what conversations we will have with our audience on each social channel; Thus, brand content lines must respond to its mission and also should have the user at the center of its communication. With them, we explore brand territory from a practical vision, offering value content to a potential consumer, generating engagement while knowing him/her.

A line of content focused on explaining products effects and benefits will help audience to retain the essential information at first glance

These contents can be divided into different categories according to their objective commercial, advisory, emotional or catchy and there must be a balance between  each type of post so the audience does not get bored and decide to leave a profile. What about talking about us? Yes, but in a way of branded content.

No one will be an active part of your community neither fall in love with your brand if you only tell them what can they buy. Connecting is communicating while waiting for an answer and above all, showing the interlocutor that matters – a lot– in the conversation.

The power of visual storytelling

Once designed the content strategy placing the user at the heart of what generates a brand in a balanced way, the next priority is to boost its results and diffusion.

In social media, contents work 50/50 between visual and written aspects. Depending on the content category and its intention, the copywriting will vary in length and shape, going deep depending of the content, while the image or video will compete to capture user’s attention against millions of posts.

Besides explaining the beauty routine of how to use your products, try to entertain your audience by showing the information in an original way

It is a teamwork, and for this reason it is just as important that the visual part is extraordinary and catches the user as the copywriting, to hook audience to stay. But there is one thing that is obvious: if user does not click on our post, the effort will have been in vain.

The first impression is decisive and should not only be attractive but also it should boost the copywriting that user will receive later. Visual storytelling is the best ally for it! Telling creatively and directly the central idea of ​​what you are going to talk about in that post, is a way to catch your user and to send him a message that resonates in his head.

Introducing the beauty routine of  peel off mask innovating in the 3 × 1 format, for carousel or instagram mosaic

Using visual storytelling in content creation is the only way to create visual content while reinforcing the message and empowering your brand strategy. In addition, all the visuals you make in this line will bear your company’s own seal, they will be unique, original and will work with better results in paid media.

Some tips to make the most of visual storytelling in an strategic way:

1. Define well the ideas you want to reflect in each content

2. Use visual metaphors that support concepts

3. Think about how storytelling can adapt your content to different formats

4. Design a storytelling of similar visual language for each line of content

5. Research and read everything you can to generate good ideas

6. Communicate simple: the simple is better understood

Now that you know how you message is enhanced by visuals, can you imagine what a content strategy powered by visual storytelling is capable of doing for your business? Do not miss some examples of brands that are already implementing it successfully in the next entry of our blog about visual marketing . Subscribe and we will notify you when it is published!

“Can you imagine what a content strategy powered by visual storytelling is capable of doing for your business?

If you want us to boost your content strategy together, do not hesitate to contac us

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