What is visual content or how to stand out, differentiate and add value in each post

You may have read that visual content has a greater impact capacity, but do you know what it is and how to use it to stand out, differentiate and add value to your potential user?

Today, the most optimal strategy has to be aligned with content marketing, both to increase traffic to the web and also to improve results on social networks. For this, visual content is one of its pillars. Brands not only have consumers who buy products; they have an audience that expect to consume valuable content in order to establish relationships with them.

If you want to reach the heart of your potential client, you must offer relevant and valuable information in posts that explore the territory of your brand. Besides that, if you do not want to go unnoticed on these increasingly saturated social channels, you should accompany your content with visuals that not only capture the attention of your user but also invite them to interact.

Using visual content, we could tell in an original way your products’ step by step

What visual content is

When surfing the world wide web, you will find the usual explanation that “visual content” refers to any image or video that accompanies a text, regardless of its aesthetics or function. This definition seems very basic to us for the fundamental role that visual content has in any brand strategy. Not only as a gateway to motivate us to read a text, but also as a booster of the impact that it will have on consumer’s mind.

From our perspective, any visual content has the form of video or image in all its disciplines (photography, illustration, graphic design …), but not any visual is equivalent to visual content. The fundamental difference lies precisely in its intention: decorative or conceptual.

“Visual content”, in our way of understanding it, has to be with provide concepts in any images and videos that companies use to talk about topics related to the territory of each brand, while adding value to their audience in each post. Thus, brands, through visuals that support the written message, offer relevant content that also invites their users to be part of their community.

Some essentials aspects about visual content!

1. As one of the pillars of content strategy, it must be designed according to each brand content marketing guidelines

2. Good visual content meets three objectives: stand out, differentiate and add value

3. Although the fundamental aspect is its conceptual intention, we must not forget that also aesthetics must be cared according to the branding of each firm

4. In the same way that a valuable text can go unnoticed without an image that matches, a visual content that stands out among the others will remain non sense if it is not aligned with the copywriting

5. It is the hook that invites users to get to a profile and read a post. The copywriting must emphasize its concept in order to users will not be disappointed and generate interactions

6. By itself it works as inspiration and also striking to be visible

7. It is built thanks to visual storytelling: telling stories visually

8. It creates long term and deeper relationships with users by communicating the message in a special way 

Visual content speaks a language which doesn’t understand about borders… It tells visual stories!

In this first article about visual content, we have got deeper into its meaning and value, but it is not all we have to say. Discover in future blog posts how to optimize your content strategy using  visual storytelling and also some brands that already successfully implement these concepts in their digital media. Subscribe to  Låpsüs’s blog and we will notify you when they are online!

And before we say goodbye, some information to think about. Did you know…?

  • We are 40 times more likely to share visual message
  • We understand complex information in less than 1 / 10s when presented visually
  • We remember 80% of what we see, 20% of what we read and 10% of what we hear
  • We process a visual message 60,000 times faster than a written one

“If only an image is worth a thousand words … Imagine what visual content is worth!”

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Annie Domínguez Tenreiro

Creative & Art Direction

I love chestnuts and hate anything stinging, cutting and puncturing! As a child, I wanted to be a unicorn horsewoman and my worst mischied was to secretly use the Super Nintendo when I was punished. I play at being a Wordjuggler and I have declared war on tangerine pipes. I’m a little nerdy!


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