The magic of flavor exists! See how it visually breaks the screens at the spring Sandevid Vibes


Sandevid, one of the most recognized tinto de verano brands in our country, wanted their cheerful essence to go beyond the screens with positive messages and vibrant colors around its products.

Sandevid’s bestsellers would revolve around the “Carpe Diem” philosophy and a springtime atmosphere, the two main pillars of the first imagery bundle that we would produce for print and digital media.


As with any project, we start with a great premise: be all ears! Our first objective when we work with a brand is to listen to their needs and adapt to them: never impose our style or ideas.

From there, we define the storytelling lines we are going to work with to connect with their consumer by creating mini stories around Sandevid and their tinto de verano.

Through creative pieces with a lighthearted approach that related the tinto de verano with daytime consumption moments, we immerse ourselves in the most sophisticated perfect serve and we bet on a mood full of life!

Mixing the real and the imaginary, hallmark of our creative firm, we create flowered atmospheres, naive homemade aperitifs and festive scenes that speak of the magic that occurs when we savor the Sandevid freshness.

Visual Storytelling
Photography and Video


With Sandevid, spring tastes like a magic garden

When it smells like spring, there is a “je ne sais quoi” in the atmosphere that season everything in its path with color and magic. This Marvelous Real spirit is what we wanted to convey with these Sandevid’s Enchanted Gardens, enhancing the flavor of the brand as an oasis of imagination in which anything is possible.

Changing perspective is how life is better enjoyed

Chic and sophisticated perfect serve design for Sandevid

Inspired by spring, this 3×1 image talks about how to enjoy a tasty tinto de verano with lemon. 1. Take your Sandevid, 2. Pour it in your glass with glasses 3. Drink it in the middle of nature

Homemade appetizer for new pandemic habits

Replacing nature for terraces, teleworking and enjoying the living room cinema have been our habits in the new normal. With this series of three mini stories around home, we connect with this reality of today’s consumer; and we highlight the moments in which Sandevid could be the protagonist.

Home terrace turn into this piece of nature hat we miss the most

If peanuts you eat on the couch, with shells all over the floor you will find yourself

Non alcoholic tinto de verano for a working day from home

Association Sandevid with local culture and celebration

After a year without celebrations in which traditional festivals were shared from screen to screen, we were finally able to enjoy it again! To join the celebration, we wanted to relate Sandevid with these national holidays such as San Isidro or the April Fair with a fresh approach; positioning their products among festive clichés.

Inspired by San Isidro, this 3×1 image sums up the ideal plan for Madridleanian celebration: 1. Sandevid 2. Participate in fairground games 3. Fast fair food

A fun party stage, let ‘s dance and Olé!

What would the traditional festivals be without music?

Approaching Sandevid imagery with a graphic conception

Visual contents with a graphic approach such as patterns or infographics are exploitable for multiple formats. That is why we always propose their realization. Used as wallpapers, blog resources or as a basis for adding information, they do not go unnoticed!

Repetition is a composition resource that shows a product in an original way. It looks awesome in blog format

This is how Sandevid take advantage of the creativities to introduce theirself in Mercado de Motores, Madrid

Making of…

Visual imagery sum up

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