Photographs and short form videos to boost the Digital Marketing of Madrid Papel


Madrid Papel is a distributor brand for stationery, crafts, fine arts and school supplies. They seek to upgrade its digital marketing actions through photography by communicating a selection of products in an original way.


In order to increase the brand’s awareness and improve its engagement, we proposed photographs and short form videos with a naive approach according to the territory of creation and crafts supported by the storytelling of stationery products.

Through creative content that impacts the potential client, not only the audience is informed about the products, but also, the brand adds value to their community and achieves differentiate from their competitors.

All pieces of content were optimized for multiple formats to boost  the impact of the brand’s communication. As a result, versatile creativities that could be exploited both for digital marketing campaigns and on social media and blog.

Visual Storytelling
Photography and Video
Post Production

El Cuartel Creativo

Madrid Papel 

Visual storytelling around each product

Thinking and discarding ideas, as in any creative process!

One concept, one piece of content, ¡but multiple optimizations!

We optimize each content to different formats to multiply its useful life! We also adapt the storytelling of the same concept to the possibilities of each social and digital marketing tool in order to boost the communication of each brand.

Naïf style with a magic approach

We create unique universes for each brand we work with, using dreamlike resources that give a special and magical touch to each creativity. Thus, we achieve that images stand out and impact the viewer through placing the product in a different context than people are used to.

The sky is an ideal place to let your imagination fly 

Storytelling in motion to tell the product’s attributes

Whenever a product is the protagonist, we tell something about it visually! On this stop motion, we show the best attribute of this small easel: its quick and easy assembly. We placed it with some elements according to their measure to put into perspective the potential buyer and to not create false expectations of the particular size of the product.

Using details and optimizations to tell the attributes of the product is how you get the most out of them

Make the most of new formats through narrative

Through  3×1 images we boost the narrative around the product. This format could be used both for Instagram carousel and mosaic, web header or other social networks as well. Setting the picture in a creative craft territory, we give visual support in three steps to tell how chalk paintings are used, what they are for while showing the artistic result of the product.

Using 3 columns on Instagram to tell something on each post: 1 Product placement 2 How to paint with this type of painting 3 Elements we could decorate

Optimizable content for all platforms

We are concerned about extending the useful life of our visual content to make our clients’ investment profitable, seeking that the image not only be used as a single post. We develop our creative pieces so that they are adaptable to all formats and impact the largest number of potential clients.

Multitasking represented by the same person planning everything at the same time

Short form videos to promote special days

Special dates such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, are very important moments for the Digital Marketing of any brand. If we want to connect and increase sales it is essential to have an image that stands out to impact the audience while competing during these dates.

Graphic content from product photography

Whether to be used as product wallpapers, as resources for the blog or as backgrounds for content with more text, the well known as “patterns” are always trendy and very versatile.

Color; our great ally in composition

Not only concepts have a great impact in our work, but also color; since it brings freshness, energy and optimism, boosting our art direction on each content. To highlight the main elements in each composition we don’t use on the same image the entire palette of the brand. Rather, we play with color harmonies and contrast to visually enhance each area of ​​the photograph.

In every creative process, there is always much more than what meets the eye

Coherence and visual unity

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