5 reasons to use Pinterest, a powerful digital marketing tool for your business

Many of you will have heard of Pinterest and some of you will even have a profile on this social network but, do you really know the potential that this tool has in your marketing strategies?

Although the platform has existed since 2011, it remains an untapped channel for many creatives. It is as if its potential had been forgotten without even considering that it currently attracts more than 320 million active users per month.

It seems that Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have overshadowed the pushpin network in terms of marketing strategies, but if we analyze the numbers … What would you think if I told you that Pinterest could become the perfect discovery for your business?

Pinterest is not just a social network where recipes, Halloween decorations or ideas are shared for inspiration on how to plan your wedding. This is all great, but its potential is even greater! Using Pinterest strategically represents an excellent opportunity to grow your brand by generating brand awareness and increasing traffic to your website.

In this post, I will tell you what Pinterest is, how it works and five reasons why you should use it as a powerful digital marketing tool in your business.

What is Pinterest

Pinterest is a dynamic and intuitive social network that allows users to discover, organize and archive publications according to different themes and interests as a corkboard or idea box. On this platform, users explore and get inspired through shared content.

One of its main strengths, unlike other search engines such as Google, is that Pinterest filters images according to high quality and aesthetic standards. In a world in which the value of image and creativity has more and more weight, tools like these make total sense, by further enhancing the reach of creative profiles.

How it works

Pinterest’s interface is structured to work with pins and boards. With the former, we refer to the different posts we keep, while with the latter, the catalogs where we manage these images and classify them according to different categories. Both boards and pins must have a relevant description, in which keywords and hashtags play a fundamental role. The more successful these search terms are, the more chances you have the tool identifies what kind of content is about and shows it in the smart feed, according to similar criteria in an intelligent way.

On Pinterest, as well as other social networks, you can interact by following profiles and boards, posting comments and sharing private messages. Unlike Instagram, this platform does not require prior following so that your pins reach users who have not even visited your profile.

In addition, when it comes to search, users dynamic is more active. They do not wait for the feed to show them posts according to their interests, Instead, they proactively, motivated by inspiration and curiosity, they go deeply into lifestyles, trends, recipes, hobbies, DIY, new products and much more.

5 reasons to use Pinterest

Just one click from your website: multiply your traffic!

One of the most important reasons to use Pinterest in your Marketing strategy is the great potential it has to increase traffic to your website.

This platform works as a hybrid between traditional social media channels and search engine optimization. If the image you publish on the platform is well optimized, it could even improve your SEO positioning.

To add your destination link –your landing page, gallery or blog entry– you should just copy it below the pin description, so when the user discovers it, it can easily access your website. Of course, make sure this URL is relevant and offers valuable content related to the starting image.

Long live your content! Longer-lasting posts projecting for the long term

When it comes to marketing and results, Pinterest offers more stability as its strategies are scalable over time. To give you an idea, the average duration of a pin is 1600 times greater than a Facebook post.

While Instagram and Facebook are less consistent channels in terms of reach and traffic – content begins to lose traction immediately – as Pinterest also works a search engine, posts are more consistent and sustainable over time.

New users will continue to discover interesting content even months after it has been published. Therefore, the efforts invested in long-term marketing strategies with quality content generate powerful results.

I see it, I want it! Greater influence on purchasing decisions

Another of Pinterest’s great advantages is the ability for brands to connect with users. In this tool, they not only browse to see photos but also to search for products they want to purchase and find out more about them. This means that their purchase is not impulsive or occasional, they are aware of what they want and this tool clearly influences their purchasing decisions, at least in 87% of active users.

To infinity and beyond! Increase the reach and authority of your brand

As we are consistent and publish fresh content on Pinterest, our company profile is gaining popularity as users begin to post our pins on their boards and share them around the world. This actions display our products and services to potential customers in an exponential way.  

In addition, within the strategy we design, we can include other valuable content that does not necessarily speak of our products. Giving advice, educating our followers, interacting with other accounts, and sharing curated content, external to our brand, will foster a collaborative culture and create authority in our industry.

Don’t be the last of the race again! Take advantage that it has not yet become the center of the strategy of all brands

Pinterest has been in the digital landscape for almost a decade and represents a channel on social networks that has not yet been exploited to its full potential. While on Instagram and Facebook it is very difficult to stand out organically due to the constant change of the algorithm and the saturation of its users, only 27% of sellers on social networks are using Pinterest. For this reason, it represents a great opportunity for brands and creatives who want to be discovered.

And now that you know what Pinterest is, how it works and why to use this social network in your marketing strategies, later in future posts we will investigate its main keys and how to incorporate them into your business strategy.

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