Oblivion as a plastic concept in the experimental videoclip Above, a single by John Vermont

Above video clip, an emotional single that bears John Vermontt’s label, our most experimental work so far. This audiovisual piece that counts with David Salaice’s direction and Alejandro Santiago’s photographic direction, deals with the concept of forgetting from a plastic and artistic approach.

Inspired by an oniric world and under the influence of the director Michel Gondry, we take the creative direction towards a queer and pictorial environment.

John Vermont

Creative Development
Art Direction
Portrait Photography


What’s behind the imagery of Above

Above’s unreal narrative alludes to the retreat and fracture between body and mind, that happens when we are unable to remember. Thus, the images of this video clip are a metaphor of all memories we have lost, which appear distorted and stained by the trace of oblivion. Trough incoherent still lifes, altered portraits and surrealist scenes we developed a sensory language, born of unconscious.

Videoclip frames

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