Side effects of technology: Blue Loff

Blue Loff is a personal project made on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.  In it we think about love and sex in the era of new technologies. The series talks, through images and poems that represent each of the five phases of human sexual response, about the cooling of feelings and the disconnection from them.

The name of the project –Blue Loff–alludes to the words “Love” and “Off” in a metaphor of technology as an agent that cools human sensitive responses. We are also making a reference to a romantic feeling that has turned blue and cold, away from the red, passionate and warm memory that it should arouse.

While nature suffers from global warming due to the irresponsible use and abuse of technologies, humanity suffers from cooling for the same reason. The paradox is served and the over-connection disconnects us. 

Published at: Kluid MagazineEFTI & Urban Contest Magazine

Masters of Sex
Black Mirror 

Sobre pantallas movedizas

Visual metaphors

01 Sexual Desire


02 Excitement


03 Plateau


04 Orgasm


05 Resolution


Making Of

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