Casino Låpsüs: our manifesto; an appetizer to the world of gambling and chance

Casino Låpsüs is a personal project that emerges as a manifesto from our artistic firm where play, humor, duality and chance are presented as the main sources of inspiration when dealing with a creative project. In the same way, we decided to take advantage of the occasion to introduce ourselves in a non-everyday environment. Through curious still lifes and funny portraits, we combine photographs and GIFs that give rise to this series of ten images.


Storytelling behind Casino Låpsüs

Based on the cliché of the Spanish Christmas, we decided to make a parody of the lottery Tv show. We assumed the role of host and immerse ourselves in a fictional world,  in which we combine real aspects with other imaginary ones.

With a twist of madness, we connect isolated concepts to turn them into the new ones. Thus, irony works as our best ally. From this mix, unexpected situations happen with surreal results! While a hurricane is revolutionizing the casino, the fish-slot machine announces the winning number accompanied by a sparkling toast of feathers.

A bit of kitsch aesthetics with exaggerated textures, vibrant colors and a touch of papercraft give us a warm welcome to the place where nothing is what it seems and all you want is to play!

May the Låpsüs be with you!

The hosts of Casino Låpsüs

The creative duo of Låpsüs uncovered.

Toast with diamonds

Annie Domínguez. She likes to deal the cards, and always keeps an ace up her sleeve!
Clink clink clink! Celebrating until dawn…
Mary Urrutia. She keeps her brain hydrated and her mind awake; always ready for the next round!

The new games of Chance

The fishbowl machine: a slot machine for the bottom of the sea.

A new modality of arachnid and fruity poker!

The lucky Martini

The Windy Bingo

The cyclone Låpsüs lands to revolutionize the Casino … Let the ideas fly!

Mrs Låpsüs put her foot in…

Feathers tea infusion instead of roast duck for Christmas…

May the Låpsüs be with you!

Annie & Mary: The INgenious of Låpsüs!

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