Evolution of daily objects: a walk through the history of design and small things for EME Magazine

This project made for the first edition of Eme Magazine portrays the evolution of design and how humans continuous interact with these objects. Either using them or admiring them.

The purpose of this series of five chromatic diptychs is to create a dialogue between the object in its simplest form and its most sophisticated version: the one that elevates the object from simple actor to “protagonist”. These double-page confrontations converge thanks to the minimalist style and chromatic aesthetics, in which human figure goes into the background, camouflaging itself with a solid color.

In order to adapt this serie of  3 columns for instagram, we decided to add the perfect complement for each diptych, For instance, this is how an orange turns into the better half of a squeezer.

Unidad Editorial

Editorial Photography

The Squeezer. The one we all have in the kitchenVS Juicy Salif. The design of Philippe Starck with spider legs and citrus seed body.

The most uncomfortable seat.\VS/ The first plastic chair made in one piece; a Verner design produced by Vitra: “Panton”

Fan. The miracle for those who can not stand the heat. VS The modern remedy against the blast designed by Dyson without blades.

The Typewriter. A relic that accelerated the pace of communication. VS The famous wireless keyboard thanks to Apple.

The lamp. Mechanically inspired and world-renowned thanks to Pixar. VS Satellight. The luminous heart of the moon designed by Foscarini: “Satellight”.    

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