Filmmaking to introduce Facialderm’s new cosmetic line against facial stress


Facialderm, facial cosmetic brand, launches a new range of neurocosmetic products to treat negative effects of stress on the skin. For their digital marketing campaign they needed audiovisual content that educates their  audience about the consequences of skin stress and the benefits of their new line.


In order to present the brand in a coherent way, both narratively and aesthetically, we produced seven short form videos: five dedicated to boosters, one to communicate the customization of the beauty formula and another to explain the effects of stress on the skin. In them,  predominates an aesthetic inspired in laboratory associated with Facialderm and neurocosmetic.

Creative Direction
Post Production


Visual metaphors to explain facial problems

The lack of luminosity, wrinkles, dryness, large pores, blemishes and redness are evidence that the skin suffers and accelerates aging. In this audiovisual narrative on which we use visual metaphors to explain these facial problems, Facialderm products are presented as a treatment to fight facial stress.

Lack of luminosity | Wrinkles | Dryness | Large pores | Blemishes | Redness

A booster, a solution

Emphasizing the effect of each serum and its visual identity, we use a common architecture to explain its benefits. Thus, the five pieces differ from each other in the color palette and also in the metaphor used to explain what they work for.

Architecture for the facial serums "booster anti-stress" line's videos

Customize your formula

Brand’s products have been designed to be combined with each other. Thus the brand offer a way to each client  customize their beauty routine according to their skin type and their different problems. This is the idea that we narrate with this video in which we invite users to mix creams and serums as they please.

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