Desarrollo Creativo - Cargador Movil - Espacio - Huawei Nova 9 - Fotografía De Producto Låpsüs

Conceptual advertising photography for the launch of the new Huawei’s mobile device in Spain «nova 9»


Huawei, the multinational technology firm, seeks to convey the values ​​of originality and creativity that characterize the younger generations in its new nova 9 launching campaign. Hence, the brand is committed to advertising photo shoots that not only shows its product in an exceptional way,  but that shows its features and functionalities with a contemporary visual language.

Advertising Photography
Visual Storytelling
Stop Motion

Havas Spain

Daniel Plateado


To communicate Huawei´s essence in a strategic way, we made six advertising photographs and three animations of the nova 9 device as the protagonist, where we showed the main characteristics of the mobile from an aesthetic and functional point of view

Through a galactic art direction, we immersed ourselves into a playful universe in which we set the starry and iridescent design of the nova 9. In addition, in these advertising photographs we delved into how to communicate the benefits of the product in a conceptual and ingenious way, highlighting some features like its fast charge and sophisticated night camera.

The two faces of the nova 9 – advertising photo shooting for an ultra-light design device

We showed the innovative design of the phone on its front and back, evoking a universe with different rough textures of creative craft materials.

Night Shot: highlighting the features of the mobile device’s night camera

Composition with which we emphasize the nova 9 night photography performance, showing it as the celebrity of the night that shines in the light of the stars

Hands on to work: capturing an explosion of color at every moment

The nova 9 is the best ally to immortalize artistic creations thanks to its multiple camera lenses that capture saturation and luminosity even in the worst lighting conditions.

Starry Blue design: brightness at your fingertips

Advertising photography that shows the sublime and iridescent mix of blues from another galaxy, emphasizing the properties of the design that reacts to light by changing its pearly hue and generating attractive reflections.

Be Inspired: a source of inspiration for content creators

The nova 9 is the perfect tool to bring ideas to life… even the most curious ones!

Macro lens: a great look at small universes with an approach to advertising photography

The macro lens of the Huawei’s nova 9 allows us to see the world from a new perspective of beauty by serving as a magnifying glass towards those details that we do not see in front of our eyes at first.

Super Charge: creative visual storytelling about the Huawei nova 9’s fast charge feature through advertising photography

The “super charge” is so fast that the energy seems to come directly from the galaxy to the mobile phone.

Desarrollo Creativo - Cargador Movil - Espacio - Huawei Nova 9 - Fotografía De Producto Låpsüs

Night photography mode: reveal your attitude even when night falls

Lack of light will no longer be an issue thanks to the nova 9’s camera that brings sharp details and brighter colors to images captured in low light conditions.

Innovation & Design: the Huawei’s nova 9 is not just a mobile device, it’s the reflection of your creativity

Stop motion animation that conceptually and symbolically shows different expressions of creativity in the abstract.

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