Welcome to our KinderGarten!

KinderGarten is an introspective work where we explore our personality and think over what defines us through self-portraiture. Who am I? What makes me unique?

These questions have multiple answers, but to a large extent, we are the sum of our memories and experiences! Going deeper into our childhood, we wanted to represent ourselves bringing to  life our most famous mischief and thus talk about us connecting with our inner girl.

The images resulting from this personal series are two childish portraits in a sutil line between caricature and psychology. Accompanied by some still lifes with the same storytelling, the surreal art direction and a touch of pop culture, move the scene around a playful and naughty territory.


Mary Urrutia’s mischief…

Annie Dominguez’s mischief…

Making of…!

         Thanks to our beloved MUA Lisa Stanfelyz (vivirporlospelos)! 

May the Låpsüs be with you!

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