Sleight of Hand, to the touch! Editorial for EME #5, magazine winner of a gold medal for best editorial design by the Society for News Design

For the fifth edition of EME magazine the biggest challenge was to integrate organically the element that gives life to these products. Painted hands that coexist in the stages of each design and at the same time, invite us to feel, press, caress, tie, uncover but above all… invite us to play!

A design object by itself, is not more than an object. The idiom “you can look but can’t touch” is contradictory when it comes to design. The human presence enhances the importance of the product-its reason for being- and shows us the complicity that exists between both parties.

Ten products out of the ordinary becomes everyday objects at the first touch

We created this series of ten photographs thinking of sheets that were composed of colors with different shades. A mix of blue, pink, green and brown; where hands merge with the background and adapt in harmony to the appearance of each piece. With a subtle action that speaks of the symbiosis of design, the object gives a verb to the hand and the hand uses the object.

Unidad Editorial

Editorial Photography

Let there be light 
The one that exhales this object created by the study Note Design. The Musa lamp is inspired by organic shapes that create a tenuous environment around the cocoon design. From 355 euros.

At Their Feet 
A couple of architects reconverted to shoemakers “slow making” manufacture exquisite footwear made by hand, of course. In the Emmylou model the pieces are not sewn, they are connected by flaps and buckles. 756 euros.

Water, Please! 
1968 marked a before and after in many areas, also in the history of taps, thanks to the intervention of Arne Jacobsen.
The HV1 model is revitalized in vibrant yellow. 471 euros.

As Yesterday 
The console that changed everything has returned. PlayStation Classic is an identical replica of the 1994 one. In half size, of course, and with 20 classic games for nostalgic afternoons. 99.99 euros.

When it comes to dressing up floors, nothing better than hydraulic tile. And better if it is done with a cinematographic approach, as in this design of the Stone Tissue series. It is inspired by the film by Jacques Tati. 80 euros/m2.

Knock Wood 
Two of Jaime Hayón’s creatures became fine woodwork. Here under, the concept of a small container. No other like Fritz Hansen to carve the pieces, this takes him 16 weeks of work. 171 euros.

Under Control 
The power at the tips of the fingers. With just one finger, you press or slide, and lights will turn on. You raise the blinds, cheer your life tunning your soundtrack and modify the climate… Because your house is your kingdom. From 62 euros.

Chew up the Design 
The incrustations are reproductions in resin of real chewed up bubble gum, enameled in white and pink, (with mint and strawberry flavor ) on artificial hair that imitates the muton. 300 euros.

In Orbit 
In shades of nebula, the designer Patricia Nicolás signs her most galactic collection. Stars and planets are aligned in pieces, like the Universe Rotating necklace, which shows that there are many worlds and they are made of resin. 99 euros.

The Dalinian-inspired sofa created by Studio65 for Gufram in 1970 is reduced to clutch proportions. A piece as artistic as shameless for interiors that lean towards mythomania. 179 euros.

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