Artistic direction and photo shooting for Trasmediterránea, a leading shipping company in Spain

We were welcomed into the Trasmediterránea fleet with David Salaices and his production team, embarking on a journey of cameras, actors and complicated logistics. On board Tenacia and Fortuny, we prepared all the props and scenes that would be used both for the advertising spot and also for the photo shooting.

Art Direction

Photography for social networks

With the aim of producing a broad bank of images suitable for any moment of the year, we create fresh and spontaneous visual content.

In them we show life on board and at destination highlighting different spaces on boats.

We took special care to position Trasmediterránea as an ideal option for families traveling with children, pets and cars, and also for those looking to cross into Morocco

Lifestyle photography

 Shorts videos for social networks

Artistic direction for an advertising spot

Traveling 11 km on a 199-meter boat -55 times its width-in six hours; Traveling through four cities for three days, using the train, the car, the ship and the airplane in a single day, these are realities of large-scale work in audiovisual production.

The artistic direction for a project like Trasmediterránea is a hard work due to its complicated logistics. There must be a balance between the essential accessories that must be purchased and transported to different places. Even, in some cases, rental material must be precisely coordinated and provided by the sites themselves.












































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