Filmmaking stopmotion for the digital marketing of the Canadian company: Groupe Médicus


Groupe Médicus is the leading provider of orthopedic, compression, mobility and home care equipment in Canada. Its four brands –Medici, Savard, Oxybec and OrthoService– comprise a network of 17 branches throughout Québec. Thanks to them it is able to offer a wide category of products and services, adapted to condition and lifestyle of any person.  

In order to increase brand awareness in Canada, Groupe Médicus needed two videos focused on the value they bring to their community. These contents will be used on their digital marketing campaigns.

Bloom (Canada) 

Groupe Médicus (Canada)


Creative Direction


With these two corporate videos we face the challenge of communicating products and services of considerable complexity within the healthcare sector. For its conception we chose the aesthetics of animation, we rely on two messages that the brand wanted to highlight and develop the whole storytelling  using papercraft and still life in stop motion.

All under one roof

For the first video, the core of the message was to mention all the product categories  and services that the group joins under the same company. This quality of its offer greatly facilitates the management of its patients, making it a great competitive advantage to communicate. Using a representation of a house and the icons of the brand, we worked with the idea of ​​the roof to show that all Médicus’s services are underneath.

Live and bloom in motion

For the second corporate video, a little bit longer, we focused on communicating the wide range of products for feet and legs they have to all kind of patients. Alluding to the paper dolls, we recreated four daily scenes of four different people who perform their activities skiing, hiking, working and travellingwith the help of Groupe Médicus.

Behind the scene

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