Squeeze the summer with Tim Hortons! Photography and short form videos for the Canadian brand’s social media in Spain

Summer arrives and with it, the desire to share with people increases; but above all, to enjoy outdoors! There is no summer without terraces, bicycle trips, picnics, flip flops… and especially, without refreshing drinks! Awesome! This is shown in the photographs taken for Tim Horton’s social medias, where lemonades and donuts –stars of this campaign–, become the new “film and blanket”.

La Despensa

Tim Hortons

Social Media Photography
Art Direction

Images with a lifestyle approach

To exalt the most expected season of the year and invite all viewers to generate conversations on digital media were the main objectives of the photography. A warm and hard lighting, loaded with vitamin D highlight this serie of photographies and short form videos, where color red has a strong presence and stands out as the guiding thread of Tim Hortons palette.

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