The importance of storytelling in audiovisual production, BOO our Halloween recipe video

Choosing an international holiday like Halloween is the perfect excuse to create a striking story that stands out on digital media. This is how BOO was born, a perfume recipe that The Wicked Witch of the West makes every October 31, to scare everyone! In this audiovisual piece we propose a fun narrative that collects clichés of a spooky Night of Spirits, through a series of still lifes where a halloween art direction stands out.

Storytelling behind BOO

Halloween is children’s favorite night to tell scary stories. We prepared this short video as piece of entertainment in which we see how the evil Witch of The West coming from the world of OZ prepare its terrifying perfume.

The recipe of the “perfume that will make everyone scream” is a a visual enumeration of all the ingredients needed to prepared it: yawning ghosts, dark noises, a stormy day, bat wings, frozen spiders, a hint of darkness, stories of fear, triton eyes, blood, bones … Everything to the cauldron, and voila!

Personal Project


Art direction for the little ones

Through small scenarios we present a careful art direction for every still lifes, showing simple and playful actions, where we experiment with lighting, colors and different props to achieve a dark but fun and naive aesthetic.

Thanks to Alex Santiago, Jose G. Nieva, Christian del Moral & Jorge
Resources. cauldron icon, pumpkin icon & how to make ghosts tutorial

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