Visual content for Iroha Nature’s social networks and its new cannabis line Her[b]


Iroha Nature launched its new line of cosmetic products based on cannabis oil. For this occasion, the brand required visual content for its social networks to promote them.

Addressing the creation of visual content for social media from a digital marketing perspective, our goal is to add value to brand’s audience in each post. We not only produce striking pieces, but we develop images and short form videos that respond to a content strategy and talk about issues related to the territory of each brand.

Creative Direction
Art Direction
Photography & Video

Iroha Nature – Her[b] 

To achieve it, we work on a visual storytelling that supports the written message, offering relevant content that also invites its users to interact and be part of the community.

Through an aesthetic inspired by Her[b]’s branding, we created visual content that talks about composition and products benefits, as well as its nurturing, relaxing and moisturizing qualities.

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