Houston, we have a Låpsüs!

What if a lightning had never struck a tree in front of the Homo Erectus? What if our ancestors hadn’t seen it burn through the flames?

That random event, at that specific moment, was the beginning of a domino effect that has made us what we are today. And fire: the first great coincidence that would guide the course of human evolution.

When chance visits us, the unexpected arises!

Dynamite and penicillin are just two in a long series of great discoveries born out of mistake. Alfred Nobel and Alexander Fleming accidentally stumbled upon a force for change that forces the mind to stray from the straight line and chart new paths to an unknown destination. How we randomly connect our work to head down those out-of-the-way paths… That! That’s the question!

From the lapsus we jump to the desired incoherence. Its very existence is a connection to the subconscious, a slip of the mind and the world around us. Its search brings with it new opportunities: unexpected answers to the problems posed. Thinking lapsus is our way of creating and facing reality to a new vision free of prejudices … And that’s why we are called Låpsüs!

Thanks to this great ally, we open the doors to universes that we would not have otherwise discovered. He helps us to create connections with isolated concepts, to train our brains to detour around obvious responses and to be unpredictable. Thus, we design each journey and plan a route, but we always let ourselves be carried away by the unexpected to turn each trip into an adventure.

The slot fish tank is an animated Gif made as part of the personal project “Casino Låpsüs“.

But it must be 50% lapsus, 50% Låpsüs attitude! Perspicacity to identify mistakes, intuition to hunt them down and ingenuity to transform them! Bring the antennas connected and from what everyone sees, think what no one thought. Have fun rolling the dice and discovering where they take us. And so, with a playful approach and a large dose of thinking, find the right environment for creativity!

We applaud the “kamikazia”, we believe in “Foolishness” and we venerate the God of Humor. The paths of the låpsüs are inscrutable, do you dare?


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